Healing: Body, Mind, Spirit

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Upcoming Events

  • Choices in Healing; Body Mind and Spirit

    2015-06-26 12:00:00 at Benjamin Center in Santa Monica, CA

    1990 South Bundy Dr., Santa Monica, CA 20025. Join me for another talk on stress, nutrition and mindfulness. I love serving the cancer community since I lost my mom at age 18. The first 20 attendees get a copy of my book The Alternative Medicine Cabinet thanks to the kind sponsorship of Jocelyne Eberstein of eCenter, right in the heart of Santa Monica. Jocelyne has provided health care for patients in the community since 1990. She offers the perfect combination of Western Science, Eastern wisdom and her own powerful intuition. Please see her website to discover how she can help you on the path to better health: www.eCenterWellness.com

  • A night of stress relief and mind/body medicine

    2014-11-06 07:00:00 at Nori's Eco Salon, 15826 Ventura Blvd. Encino, CA 91436

    Join me for a night of stress reduction, releasing of past negativity and useable tactics to decrease your stress. Please see the website for more info and to sign up.

  • California Capital Book Festival

    2014-10-25 10:00:00 at Sacramento, CA

    So excited to get to share my knowledge on stress and promote my award-winning book.

  • Book signing and lecture in Santa Barbara

    2014-03-13 07:00:00 at Granada Books

    Join me at the fabulous Granada Books on State St in Santa Barbara for light refreshments, ways to reduce your stress and all my books. Looking forward to sharing my stress-busting tips with you.

  • Santa Barbara Women's Festival

    2014-03-08 10:00:00 at Earl Warren Showgrounds

    Join me as MC for part of the phenomenal Women's Festival. I'll be there throughout the day so come and enjoy the great exhibitors and phenomenal speakers.

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Recommended Resources

  • Healing your Wounds, the technical stuff

    Cia Medical

    Learn the ins and outs of wound healing and when to see a professional. A very inclusive article about types of wounds, how to treat them and when to leave it to the pros. Very informative.

  • Drug safety resources

    RX Dangers

    It's important that we know the current info on prescriptions and medical devices. Check here to make sure you're up on the latest to protect yourself and your family.

  • Dealing with Cancer? You can still look and feel good

    Tips for cancer care

    This is a well-balanced piece on staying looking and feeling your best during your cancer treatment.

  • Need Addiction Help in Santa Barbara?

    Project Know

    There are times when we all need help. If you find yourself dealing with drug or alcohol addiction, here is a great website that can help you find a program in your area. If you are outside of the Santa Barbara area, just simply select a different city. Good luck!

  • Need to quit smoking?

    Quit Day

    Find tools here not only for yourself to quit, but info about how you can help your friends and family. Also, how smoking is affecting your health. You know it's best to not be smoking and I know it can be hard to quit. Let this resource help

  • Great Healthy Snacks for Your Office


    Experts from around the world weigh in on their favorite healthy snack for the office. Something for everyone here and a great resource!

  • eCenter Wellness in Los Angeles County


    Founded in 1990 by Jocelyne Eberstein, The eCenter offers personalized health management programs that combine therapeutic treatments using multiple solutions to match a person’s lifestyle and personal challenges. Patients receive the best possible treatment combinations to achieve optimal results. It is all done with care, compassion and an outstanding knowledge of the health needs of the total person. Jocelyne has created one of the most respected and effective wellness practices in Southern California. She uses her proficiency combined with her intuitive spirit to effectively treat the whole person with remarkable and sustainable effectiveness. About Jocelyne Eberstein, L. Ac., O.M.D. Jocelyne Eberstein is the heart and soul of the eCenter in Los Angeles, CA, which she founded in 1990. She is a licensed acupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine and a holds a B.S. in Nuclear Medicine Technology from the University of Cincinnati. Combining the best of both worlds, Jocelyne’s distinctive approach is to incorporate Eastern wisdom along with Western science and techniques. Her training, experience and creativity has led her to develop the systems, questions, protocols and programs to determine a blueprint unique to each patient. The result is delivering medicine as an authentic blend of art and science. Defining the underlying cause of a patient’s condition, Jocelyne helps them turn that around, attaining dynamic vitality and a healthier future.

  • Pain Management in Recovery


    A great article sharing knowledge and tips for managing pain if you are in recovery for drugs or alcohol. A wonderful resource.

  • Mesothelioma Legal Resource

    Mesothelioma Legal Resource

    You all know my focus is on health, not litigation. But in checking out this site, it has some great info and resource support. I had a client recently diagnosed with mesothelioma and seeing the stress that the legal and medical aspect has caused was staggering. I hope you never have to deal with this as a diagnosis, but if you do, this site can help navigate the legal aspects.



    A new study published in the December 2014 edition of Panimerva Medica, shows that Pycnogenol® (pic-noj-en-ol), an antioxidant from French maritime pine tree bark, significantly shortens the duration of the common cold. The peer-reviewed study tested participants and at first symptom and followed with supplementing Pycnogenol® 50mg twice daily in addition to their preferred best management (such as washing hands etc.). In addition, Pycnogenol® was found effective to: · Reduce the number of affected days (3.1 days Pycnogenol® /4.2 days control) · Significantly reduce number of lost work days (0.55 days Pycnogenol® /0.67 days control) · Significantly reduce demand for additional treatments · Significantly prevent complications and extensions beyond four days · Significantly shorten the duration of all pillar symptoms including scratchy or sore throat, sneezing, running nose, cough, temperature and more. To review the clinical research and additional information on Pycnogenol® please visit, www.Pycnogenol.com. Pycnogenol® is available in more than 700 dietary supplements and multi-vitamins worldwide.

  • Five minute meditation for better health

    My site of guided meditations

    Use this five minute meditation to relax and improve health. Enjoy!

  • Improve Immune Function

    My site for guided meditations

    Use this short guided meditation to help boost your immune system.

  • Resources for up and coming Massage Therapists

    Massage Therapy Schools Guide

    Massage Therapy Schools Guide - A free online resource designed to help aspiring massage therapists select the best massage school for them and go on to establish successful careers in massage. Great blog posts and fabulous information to help you in your successful massage career.

  • Glutathione supplement resource

    Glutathione Pro

    A fabulous resource, Glutathione PRO is a great site for everything you need to know about Glutathione supplements and nutritional supplements in general. Emphasizing the importance of vital supplements like Acetyl Glutathione, N Acetylcysteine, Acetyl L-Carnitine and more. Whether you are suffering from a health condition or just want to maintain optimal health, Glutathione PRO has the information you need.

  • Drug Dangers

    Drug Dangers

    You know I recommend doing as much research as possible about what we put into our bodies. And sometimes pharmaceuticals can be dangerous, even deadly. Check out this great site for the latest news on what you may be getting at the pharmacy.

  • Drink to your health


    Use the code CEREPH13 for 25% off your purchase. Cerebellum® H2O is the pure fresh great tasting Ultra-Premium "All Natural 7.9pH Water" collected directly from a natural source, providing the perfect balance of minerals. Cerebellum® H2O is one the best tasting water that you will drink. Our source is the difference; our water comes from a source that has been naturally filtered by the earth. Located 250 feet below the ground, the aquifer which supplies Cerebellum®H2O Natural Water contains what could be the purest water ever. The Cerebellum® H2O all Natural 7.9pH water is never exposed any other potentially-harmful impurities. The water is UV treated, micron filtered to ensure purity and a memorable clean crisp taste, just the way Mother Nature intended. Quite simply Cerebellum® H2O is one of the purest all natural premium water in the market.

  • Need a fabulous spa experience in Monterey?

    Accista Spa, Monterey, CA

    During a recent stay at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Monterey, CA I had an amazing spa experience. Victoria Icaza, the lead massage therapist gave me an incredible deep tissue massage. Her communication was fabulous, depth was excellent and the treatment room was gorgeous. They use these incredible massage table that are not only comfortable and heated but functional as they bend and move to support the body. It even sits you up after the massage. Excellent experience...and you know how picky I am!

  • Natural Remedies Article

    Retail me not

    A great collection of natural remedy products that everyone can use in their cabinet. Enjoy and share!

  • Need info about vaccines

    VacTruth; Your Child, Your Choice

    Need information about what is contained in vaccines and current studies on their safety? Check out this informative site. And take the time to be informed.

  • Mesothelioma Cancer Resource

    Mesothelioma Symptoms

    Anyone finding themselves with this scary disease needs to have access to good resources. This site provides information, references, treatment options, help for veterans, even legal referrals. Don't feel lost and like you are dealing with this illness alone. Check out this site and take charge of your health! They are here to help! From their site: Mesothelioma Resource Online has created and developed this site to provide answers and support for people diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, as well as their families and loved ones. Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos and has long been considered a mystery and incurable. However, over the past two decades, physicians, scientists and researchers have begun to unravel this mystery and help people diagnose mesothelioma in its earlier stages, while providing more extensive forms of treatment, vast resources, and general information to make coping and survival more about optimism rather than uncertainty.

  • Fabulous Cancer Resource

    Cancer Free Radio

    Check out this link for resources on cancer, prevention, diet, nutrition and supporting practitioners. More info is available at http://cancerfree123.com/book/ Learn about Julie's amazing journey through cancer and how she gathered resources to help others. You don't have to do this alone!

  • Oasis TV for great programming

    Oasis TV

    This network only airs positive mind/body/spirit programming. With their new online format, you can see excellent lectures and TV 24/7. Enjoy!

  • How a Holistic Pharmacy can help you.

    Rx Integrative Solutions

    Dr. Cathy Rosenbaum is a holistic clinical pharmacist and Founder & CEO of Rx Integrative Solutions, a personalized consulting practice in holistic medicine. She believes that prescription medications are running our lives and there is a more sustainable path to healing through lifestyle changes and non-traditional medicine. Dr. Cathy has traveled to China to study herbal and prescription medicine research and global healthcare solutions, working in partnership with traditional medicine physicians. She is an internationally recognized speaker, author, holistic consultant, and radio show host (Your Holistic Health WMKV 89.3 FM Mondays @ 5:30 pm ET Cincinnati www.wmkvfm.org). And I was privileged to be a featured guest on Dr. Cathy's show, archived on itunes.

  • Weekly video health tips

    Dr. Kathy's official YouTube Channel

    Do you have 90 seconds a week to learn about your health? Tune in for short and informative weekly updates about how you can take better control of your and your family's health and wellness. Please subscribe and they will just arrive to you weekly.

  • Keep track of your health

    Memory Minder Journals

    These journals are a great way to track your health to not only see your progress, but also observe patterns of how you feel. Not just a blank book journal, these have sections for what you eat, how your body feels, what supplements you take and what the weather is like. I love mine, it's been a big help for charting my health. Pick one up, you can order directly from their website.

  • Santa Barbara and the Central Coast resource

    Michael Cervin's Blog

    This is a great resource for anyone visiting Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas or frankly, anyone that lives here too! Wonderful, inspiring ideas for what to do up and down the coast. Subscribe and don't miss a thing!

  • Need to get info out?

    Article Circulation

    I used this company to send out a press release and it was great. Easy to use and effective. Need to get info out? This was a great resource!

  • Fun and Fit in 2010

    Fun and Fit, Q and A with K and A

    A very informative and entertaining site sponsored by twin sisters, Kimberley and Alexandra. Email in a question and participate in the fun.

  • Help with chemotherapy

    Honey help with chemo

    I was introduced to this product through a fellow Linked-In member. It looks facinating and promising. Watch this short video for more information. As a note, I am not affiliated with this company in any way and get no renumeration for promoting this product. I just think it might help people suffering from the effects of chemo.

  • Need a healthy snack?

    Cavewoman Bars

    For a healthy raw snack, check out Alyssa Boyle's Cavewoman Bars. These are tasty, affordable and good for you. I keep them in my car and in my drawer at the office in case I need a quick snack. Check them out and tell her that Kathy sent you!

  • Homeopathic Care

    Mediral Homeopathics

    A great source for high quality homeopathics. I've used their products for years and recommend them highly! Custom remedies available. Check it out!

  • Safe Food Now

    Center for Food Safety

    Learn about how you can take action to help keep our food supply safe and truthfully labeled. Sign up to receive updates about legislation and what is happening with additives and GMOs. Donate if you want to help support this fabulous organization, I do.

  • Spice up your life

    Spice of Life

    Fabulous, natural and amazing spices and teas. The owner is a gem and her products are incredible! Try them out and stop in to see her in Paso Robles. All natural, no preservatives, no MSG! Yes!